Office appointments: Call 508-771-6507. For 24-hour hotline, call: HOTLINE: 800-439-6507

Emergency Domestic and Sexual Violence Residence

Our 24/7/365 culturally and linguistically appropriate, inclusive and accessible emergency residence meets the safety, support and well-being needs of adults and children of sexual and domestic violence survivors. Survivors are afforded length of stays tailored to their individual emergency needs.

Services include: intakes, housing advocacy and support, facilitated referrals, supportive counseling & advocacy, food, shelter, and other basic needs, and connecting survivors/children with additional community resources. Childcare is provided on site, along with safety planning and risk assessment. Short-term basic needs assistance, advocacy with systems and support for reunification for DCF involved families is available. The objective of our emergency residence is to save lives, increase safety, reduce trauma and support survivors’ assets and capacity to heal from trauma and increase their sense of well-being.

Our services are culturally informed, and empowerment based and celebrate and respect the personal power and individual journey of each survivor.  The Independence House emergency resident location is confidential and welcomes all victims/survivors and their children in a residential, safe and nurturing home-like setting.  Survivors can take the time needed to find safety, healing, support and resources. Advocates work with school districts and various community agencies in partnership with survivors to coordinate educational and other services for children living in shelter.


Please call 911 if you’re in a life threatening emergency.



If you are being abused or are concerned about someone else, please call our 24/7/365 domestic & sexual violence hotline at 1-800-439-6507. Any member of the community may contact the hotline with questions about sexual and domestic violence.

Hotline advocates offer safety planning, resources, support, information, referrals and crisis response to emergency residence or any of our Community Based Services for domestic and sexual violence survivors.

Types of abuse

Domestic Violence/Abuse
Sexual Assault/Sexual Violence
Dating Violence

Types of relationships

Same Sex

All survivors are served inclusive of

Transgender Survivors
Survivors with Disabilities
Survivors of Color
Male & Female Survivors
Older Survivors
Immigrant and Refugee Survivors

Some examples of supportive advocacy/counseling services

Children’s Program in the emergency residence

Children Exposed To Domestic Violence are impacted emotionally, socially, psychologically and their overall development may be impacted. Our Children’s Program is focused on enhancing and supporting positive parental bonds between parents at the emergency residence and their children. Our program offers supportive activities and access to tools and resources that are likely to achieve this outcome.

Independence House Emergency Domestic Violence Residence Children’s Program provides a soothing and safe environment for children and young people to process the impact of violence at home and to take the time just to be kids.

The Children’s Program advocate plans, supports, assists and advocates in partnership with parent and children living in the emergency residence environment.  Available services include but are not limited to evidence based, culturally and community appropriate psycho-educational group activities and individual counseling and advocacy.


Additional Children’s Program activities include:

  • Free play
  • Play time focused on healing
  • Field trips
  • Parenting support/training
  • Homework and education assistance
  • Coordination with area schools to assure children’s educational needs are met
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