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Lighthouse of Empowerment Monthly Giving Program

“Become a light of hope for domestic and sexual violence survivors on Cape Cod”

Independence House has made a positive impact in the lives of thousands of individuals and families on Cape Cod for the last 39 years.  Our mission is to support each individual’s journey to a life free from violence and abuse.  In our last fiscal year, we touched over 9,000 families, and in 39 years, Independence House has helped over 100,000 individuals and families in our community affected by domestic or sexual violence.

Embarking on a life free from abuse is filled with complications.  Safety plans and economic resources are critical in order to maintain safety and independence.  Support, advocacy and guidance are essential for each survivor’s empowerment and well-being.

Imagine you are Sarah…
Sarah is a 40 year old mother of five children who suffered physical, emotional, verbal, financial, and sexual abuse from her husband.  Sarah’s children had a hard time making friends and rarely had socialization opportunities. Sarah had no financial freedom due to constraints her husband put on Sarah’s expenditures for her and the children.  The children also struggled in school and in coping with the violence they witnessed at home.  Sarah tried to protect her children and deal with her abusive husband in order to maintain an intact family.  With the help of Independence House, Sarah and her children left her abusive marriage.  Independence House offered support to Sarah, as well as specialized age-appropriate help for each of Sarah’s five children.  Sarah also received skilled and empathetic help for the effects of her domestic violence related injuries.  Independence House helped Sarah establish a safe living environment for her and her children, who are now on a normal path at home and at school. In fact, the children are now playing on sports teams.

Now, imagine yourself having a direct role to helping Sarah and her children live a life empowered and free from violence in our own community.

With your monthly donation, you will provide a predictable source of income so that Independence House can continue helping more Sarah’s.  Your monthly commitment remains directly on Cape Cod.

Become a light of hope for domestic and sexual violence survivors on Cape Cod by contributing to our monthly “Independence House Lighthouse of Empowerment Giving Program”.

With your help, families like Sarah’s will thrive, and a violence-free Cape Cod becomes much closer to reality.

“Your monthly commitment remains directly on Cape Cod, helping families live free from violence in our community”

Lighthouse of Empowerment Levels of Support

$10 per month contributes to the operation of the Independence House 24-hour hotline.  The hotline serves the entire community without interruption 365 days a year.

$25 per month ensures a one-on-one individual counseling session for a survivor child, teen or adult with a specially trained advocate/counselor.

$40 per month confirms a one-on-one individual counseling session for an adult survivor and includes care for a child while the parent is taking part in their own Independence House empowerment.

$75 per month contributes to a survivor child, teen or adult individual for two counseling sessions and includes supplemental groceries for the client family for one week.

$100 per month ensures appropriate group sessions can be integrated into a survivor’s progress as they thrive towards independence.

Other.  I would like to create my own monthly contribution.

  • in honor of…
  • in memory of…
  • special gift (birthday, anniversary, graduation…)
  • allocation to a specific Independence House service or program: Domestic Violence Program,  Sexual Violence Program, Child Witness to Violence Program, Teen Program, Education, Prevention, Outreach in the Community, Medical and Police Accompaniment Services, Legal Civil Services, Safehome Services, Housing Stabilization Program or Homicide Survivor Services.

Our Gift of Thanks for Becoming a Lighthouse of Empowerment Monthly Donor


  • Electronic Independence House newsletter
  • A reserved seat at the Independence House Annual Domestic Violence Breakfast held each October during Domestic Violence Awareness Month
  • Direct mailing of the Independence House annual report.

Sign up securely online as a Lighthouse of Empowerment Monthly Donor.

“Thank you for your monthly commitment to help families on Cape Cod live independently, empowered and free from violence. “

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