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Men’s Action

The Independence House Men’s Action brings together all who identify as men to explore aspects of masculinity in society, to create a culture and climate where the abuse of women by men is seen as socially unacceptable, and to identify strategies for positive change to eradicate sexual and domestic violence in our community.

As a man:

  • How has Domestic Violence affected you?
  • Have you ever asked your partner as to their thoughts about Sexual Assault?
  • Who is responsible for change?

The Independence House Men’s Action is active in engaging men, young men, and male leaders in our community including in schools, youth groups, municipalities, faith communities and others.  Our focus is to foster healthy masculinities and safe and healthy relationships and communities.

The Independence House Men’s Action invites all who identify as men on Cape Cod to join this group which meets monthly. Please email your interest to

The Independence House Men’s Action regularly supports and takes part in:

  • #ReimaginManhood.  The #Reimaginemanhood initiative engages men and boys in our community to explore what masculinity means; to align as allies for gender justice, racial justice; and explore prevention methods for all gender-based and racial violence.
  • The White Ribbon Campaign, founded in 1991 by a group of men committed to ending men’s violence against women through education, discussion, and action. The campaign was founded after fourteen female students were systematically targeted because of their gender and killed by a gunman at the University of Montreal.  The initiative now has grown into the largest effort in the world addressing gender violence.The international campaign was introduced to Massachusetts by Jane Doe, Inc., the Massachusetts Coalition Against Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence as the ‘Massachusetts White Ribbon Campaign’. Independence House, in collaboration with the Yarmouth Police Department and the Cape & Islands District Attorney’s Office brought this international effort to Cape Cod with a White Ribbon Day event held annually, calling on men to stand up in solidarity, wear a white ribbon and take a pledge saying NO to violence against women and girls.

    From this day forward, I promise to be part of the solution in ending violence against women...Massachusetts White Ribbon Day Pledge

    Join men on Cape Cod who have taken the pledge.


The Independence House Men’s Action meets monthly for a forum for male identified individuals to promote positive masculinity, safety and health in men’s lives and is grounded in our interest to keep the pledge alive from year to year. It also provides a safe place for dialogue about the issues, programs and practices that foster positive changes in men and boys, changes that counteract the social norms of showing no emotion, being in control at all times and being part of a culture that accepts sexual harassment and rape.

Independence House has taken the step to reach out specifically to men and boys in our community and ask the question, “what can be done to prevent intimate partner violence and sexual assault?” The creative thinking and commitment to this work benefits everyone in our community and beyond. By changing the dialogue around gender-based violence, Independence House is contributing to a global movement that aims at reevaluating gender roles, and finally ending the cycle of violence.

If you are interested in changing the dialogue and being part of the solution in ending violence against women, please join Independence House Men’s Action.  Please send your contact information to   You will receive an email as to the date and time of our planned meeting.