Office appointments: Call 508-771-6507. For 24-hour hotline, call: HOTLINE: 800-439-6507


Lysetta Hurge-Putnam

Executive Director

508-771-6507 x223

Joanie Waldron

Director of Operations and Human Resources

508-771-6507 x233

Meredith Pratt

Director of Finance

508-771-6507 X225

Donna Giberti

Director of Development and Marketing and Volunteer Coordinator

508-771-6507 x221

Programs and Services

Cheryl Crowell

Director of SAFEPLAN Court Program

508-771-6507 x238

Deb Fluet

Dual Program Director (Domestic and Sexual Violence)

508-771-6507 x235

Abby Foley

Director of Child Witness to Violence and Teen Programs

508-771-6507 x222

Chris Morin

Director of Prevention, Education and Outreach

508-771-6507 x230

Donna Norway

Domestic and Sexual Violence Emergency Residence Director

508-771-6507 x280

Nanci Rindfuss

Clinical Director

508-771-6507 x232

Susan Callan

Staff Attorney

508-771-6507 x248

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