Office appointments: Call 508-771-6507. For 24-hour hotline, call: HOTLINE: 800-439-6507


Independence House Mission

To help all domestic violence and sexual assault victims, survivors and their children by creating opportunities to find safety and become empowered through crisis intervention, advocacy, counseling, referral, outreach, prevention, education and inspiring change in our community.

Independence House Vision

Through education and empowerment Independence House seeks to prevent violence in relationships that will end this cycle, promote healthy and safe communities, and inspire change in our community.

Independence House Philosophy & Beliefs

Independence House, Inc. values all members of our communities and provides services to adult and children regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, nationality or creed. Independence house, Inc. is a member of Jane Doe, Inc., the MA Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence.

Independence House, Inc. believes that survivors of domestic and sexual violence are an important voice in the development of our activities, and that they have the right to high quality, responsive, and ethical activities which respect their experiences and considers their safety and dignity. The staff of Independence House, Inc. are charged with fulfilling the mission of the agency and embrace ownership for the success of the organization.

Independence House, Inc. stays abreast of innovations and trends in the field of domestic and sexual violence in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and nationally. Independence House, Inc. embraces a leadership role as our community’s most comprehensive organization addressing domestic and sexual violence.

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