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Individual and Group Counseling


Individual Counseling

Independence House provides individual short-term crisis counseling, safety planning and resource assistance to victims/survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Appointments are not necessary and there is no waiting list.

Through our philosophy of empowerment and self-help Independence House counselors work with clients to help them make informed decisions.  Ultimately we believe clients know what is best for themselves and their family.

If mental health or substance abuse issues are impacting an individuals ability to be safe, referrals will be made to augment services. In any referral, the individuals decisions are respected.

For more information regarding counseling in a specific program please visit the following links.

Domestic Violence:
Individual counseling, advocacy and groups for survivors of domestic violence, specifically intimate partner violence. Services are available for adults, teens and children of survivors.

Sexual Violence (Rape Crisis):
Individual counseling, advocacy and groups for survivors of: rape, incest, stalking, sexual harassment, molestation, childhood sexual assault and intimate partner sexual abuse. Counseling is available for survivors of all ages and genders, as well as partners, families and friends.

Children Exposed to Domestic Violence:
Individual counseling, advocacy and groups for children affected by intimate partner violence.

Teen Program:
Individual counseling, advocacy and groups for adolescents affected by intimate partner violence including sexual violence.

For questions about any individual counseling, please contact


Group Counseling

Independence House offers group counseling and support for survivors and their children.  Groups can be an important aspect of healing and empowerment for some survivors.

Independence House Support Groups:

Sexual Assault Survivor’s Support Group.

Adult Sexual Assault Support Group for Survivors of Incest. 

Domestic Violence Survivor’s Support Group.

Seeking Safety Support Group:  An 8 week group addressing the intersections of trauma and addiction.

Self-Esteem Support Group.

Parent Support Group: A supportive environment to increase healthy parenting skills and relationships. Topics include: how domestic violence affects children, talking to children about domestic violence, conflict preventing/limit setting, strengthening relationships and more. This group runs simultaneously with our Children’s Support Group for children who witness domestic violence.

Teen Support Group: An 8 week support group for tweens/teens faced with domestic and/or sexual violence and who are ages 13-17.

Children’s Support Group (ages 6-9): A supportive environment to learn about family violence and meet others who share similar experiences. Topics include: exploring, feeling, learning about abuse, safety planning, grief and divorce, choices, and more.

Secondary Survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence Group: A secondary survivor is a significant other to the victim such as a sibling, a friend, a parent, or anyone involved with an individual who is a victim.

Healing through Creative Expression: This workshop promotes and enhances physical, emotional and mental health by using creative expression. Creative expression can help decrease symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress while increasing self-awareness and self-esteem. As survivors of both domestic and sexual violence, creative expression can help clients understand their thoughts and feelings and provide new and healthy outlets for processing emotions.

Fun Stress management for Kids is a 6 week group held in the summer geared toward children ages 7-10 who have been impacted by domestic violence. The group will focus on coping skills and stress management. Using arts and crafts, kids will create their own fun, stress-relieving tools.

If you are interested in any group, please call Independence House at 508-771-6507.

Please note: Childcare is not available for all groups.  All groups are free and confidential.  

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