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Hear My Voice: Safe Housing Project

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Independence House is happy to support the “Hear My Voice: Safe Housing Project,” which was independently created by Dr. Alicea Sader, as part of a private leadership course.  The project is a fundraiser for safe housing for survivors of domestic violence who are struggling with the cost of establishing or maintaining a safe home environment.  Domestic abuse is the leading cause of housing instability for women and children and housing costs are a significant and often prohibitive obstacle to safety and freedom from abuse. The project funds will be allocated to help with logistical expenses for survivors to remain safe in their home or a new environment free from abuse.  This can include assistance with first and last month’s rent, home repairs, upkeep, utilities, assistance installing a security system, changing locks or more. Your generosity will directly help survivors and their children on Cape Cod.

Alicea Sader,MD
Project Creator

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Dr. Alicea Sader is a medical doctor working on her Masters in Public Health and a mother of three children in the Cape Cod community.  She learned about domestic violence at a conference in Philadelphia 20 years ago, and created the “Hear My Voice” project as part of a leadership course when she began to see signs of domestic violence affecting the community around her.

“I felt we should be talking about something that impacts an incredible 1 in 4 women in their lifetime – more even if we include those around them who are also affected.”