Hear My Voice: Safe Housing Project

“Hear My Voice” is an independently sponsored project created by Alicea Sader, as part of a private leadership course Alicea is taking part in, and the project is supported by Independence House.  The project is a two-part endeavor.  Part one- will share stories of survivors through a series of interviews that will lead to a publication. Part two- raising funds to support survivors of domestic or sexual violence who are struggling with the cost of establishing or maintaining safe housing.  The projects funds will help survivors with items such as but not limited to rent assistance including first or last months rent, home/house repairs or upkeep, utilities in cancellation status, and more.  Housing costs are a significant and often prohibitive obstacle to safety and freedom from abuse.

Alicea Sader, Project Creator

Alicea Sader is a medical doctor working on her Masters in Public Health and a mother of three children in the Cape Cod community.  She learned about domestic violence at a conference in Philadelphia 20 years ago, and created the “Hear My Voice” project as part of a leadership course when she began to see signs of domestic violence affecting the community around her.

“I felt we should be talking about something that impacts an incredible 1 in 4 women in their lifetime – more even if we include those around them who are also affected.”

Are you a survivor of domestic violence?

Are you a survivor of domestic violence?   You are invited to share your story for this project.  If you choose to participate, your story or portions of your story may be published in a book with a collection of other stories and may be used for fundraising with the goal of raising money to assist survivors who are struggling with costs associated with housing. These stories are deeply personal and any contributions will be considered an act of courage and generosity. If you are willing, let’s work together to disappear abuse and support women in living safe lives. All story collections must be complete by Friday, October 12, 2018.  There are two ways to participate:

Tell Your Story

…either in person or over the telephone to Alicea and she will write it for you. Please contact Alicea at 774-487-7387.  Your story matters and she would love to write it.

Write Your Story

… poems, artwork, or any part of your story you would like to share.  You may submit it by email to stories20@yahoo.com or mail it Alicea Sader, PO Box 101, West Dennis, MA 02670.  Written submissions can be completely anonymous.  There is no minimum length, but try to limit your submission to a maximum of five pages. You are invited to consider including what gives you strength or how something or someone made a difference for you.

While all stories are important and we are grateful for your participation, not all stories may be included in the project. Your story may also be modified or edited as appropriate to preserve confidentiality, or as determined appropriate for publication or use at the discretion of the project leader.

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