HOTLINE: 800-439-6507


The Independence House 24-hour hotline operates uninterrupted 24/7/365.

A $15 Hotline Donation contributes to the immediate caring response to individuals who are in distress or in a physical or emotional crisis arising from domestic or sexual abuse.
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Independence House offers individual services for survivors of domestic and/or sexual violence, teen dating violence, child sexual abuse, and children who witness violence.

A $25 Counseling Donation helps to support a survivor with compassion and patience as they work through complex emotional challenges assessing their relationship, creating safety plans, and incorporating self-care and healthy boundaries into their daily routine.
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Medical and Police Accompaniment

Independence House Rape Crisis programming staff meet sexual assault survivors with a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) at both Cape Cod Hospital and Falmouth Hospital, as well as at any one of the 15 Police Departments in Barnstable County.

A $40 Medical and Police Accompaniment Donation contributes to the direct support of a sexual assault survivor on location to help with the immediate trauma and understanding of the medical examination process, as well as provide resources and options for their healing journey.
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Supplemental Assistance

Offers assistance for a survivor’s health and safety during their journey towards a violence-free empowered and independent life.

A $50 Supplemental Assistance Donation contributes to satisfying small gaps of a survivor’s unique needs on their path to independence, health and well-being by providing assistance with nutrition needs, clothing, and transportation for legal and medical type appointments.
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Residential Empowerment

Offers opportunities for families who are residents of an Independence House shelter or residential program to take part in healthy activities.

A $100 Residential Empowerment Donation contributes to the well-being of a family in shelter or residential program with enrollment opportunities in active and healthy environments such as camps, sports, and art programs.
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