Independence House Programs and Services include:

Domestic Violence
Individual counseling, advocacy and groups for survivors, and secondary survivors of intimate partner violence.

Child Witness to Violence
Individual counseling, advocacy and groups for children ages 6-12 who witness intimate partner violence.

Individual counseling, advocacy, education and groups for adolescents ages 13-17 affected by  intimate partner violence, including sexual violence.

SAFEPLAN Court Advocacy
Providing assistance and support in applying for an abuse prevention order (209A) or harassment prevention order (258E) in probate and district courts.

SAFEHOME and Shelter Search
Support and assistance with finding shelter and safety.

Housing Stabilization
Stable housing and supportive service for families affected by domestic violence who are not in immediate crisis

Sexual Violence
Individual counseling, advocacy and groups for survivors and secondary survivors of rape, incest, stalking, sexual harassment, molestation, childhood sexual assault, and intimate partner sexual abuse.

Medical/Police Accompaniment
Support and advocacy for sexual violence survivors at the hospital or police department.

Creating a culture free from intimate partner violence through primary prevention practices.

Education and Outreach
Preventing or repsonding to domestic and/or sexual violence through trainings and workshops; building knowledge about domestic and/or sexual violence and explaining agency services.


Promoting Safe and Healthy Relationships