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Please notice the orange bubble to the right of your screen.  If you need to speak to a domestic or sexual violence counselor at any time during this event click on the bubble to initiate confidential secure contact with an Independence House counselor.  Or call the Independence House 24-hour hotline at 800.439.6507.



Our Collaborative Partner Rooms will be active from 1:00-1:30 pm. Here’s your passport for safe travels (virtually) to visit our collaborative partners. The Symposium Dashboard allows you to travel from booth to booth with the click of a button. Enjoy learning what each organization offers and connect with their programs.

Click any of the images below and you will be entered into a separate room for that collaborative partner.  Upon completion of your visit, exit the room and return to this dashboard to choose another room to visit.


Marissa Varrasso

Marissa Varrasso is a Sexual Assault Navigator for the Disabled Persons Protection Commission. As a Navigator, Marissa works directly in survivor intervention and advocacy as well as community outreach and prevention. In this work, Marissa prioritizes a client centered approach and works collaboratively to increase service access for survivors.


Patty Quatieri

Patty is an accomplished presenter in the field of disability rights, based in Massachusetts where she travels sharing her experience and recommendations. Patty has received numerous awards for her civil rights advocacy. Since joining the Sexual Assault Response Unit at the DPPC in Massachusetts, she established the first agency-wide newsletter, The Peer Support Press. Patty’s #MeToo Story.



We encourage you to click the “Enter Main Ballroom” button on or before 1:30 pm to get settled in the Main Event room. The program will begin promptly at 1:30 pm.


1:00 pm
Passport to Travel
Visit our Collaborative Partner Rooms
1:30 pm
Lysetta Hurge-Putnam, Executive Director

1:40 pm
Guest Speaker, Marissa Varrasso
2:00 pm
Guest Speaker, Survivor, Patty Quatieri
2:20 pm
Closing Remarks

The Clothesline Project
Independence House is the grateful beneficiary of the original Clothesline Project. The display, consisting of over 1000 hand-made t-shirts by survivors of sexual violence are shown across Cape Cod through a traveling display every year.  If you would like to host this display at your public or private location, please contact Chris Morin at chrism@indhouse.net.

The Clothesline Project Video During Covid

Intern Project- The Clothesline Project Tour 
Catherine Hunt was an Independence House 2019 Intern from Rutgers University. Also, a graduate of Sandwich High School on Cape Cod, Catherine completed the Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) training that was facilitated by Independence House at Sandwich High School when she was a student there. As part of Catherine’s internship, she helped to present the Clothesline Project across Cape Cod during Independence House’s 40th Anniversary year. This is Catherine’s moving video of The Clothesline Project. Musical Credit: Kaleidiscope Heart by Sara Bareilles.