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Annual Domestic Violence Awareness Month
Community Breakfast (virtually)

October 1, 2021  •  8:00am-9:15pm


Lovern Gordon 

Lovern Gordon is a two-time sur-THRIVER of domestic violence (a child witness until she was 15 years old and a 2-year young adult relationship). Ten years after escaping, she subsequently became the Founder of Love Life Now Foundation, Inc. (LLN), where she used 2 back-to-back pageant wins to increase awareness around the issue in 2010 and the following year, LLN was formed. Today, she conducts DV Awareness Workshops worldwide, hosts events that raises thousands of dollars to benefit DV shelters and points people in the right direction for DV resources. She is the author of the DV awareness memoir,The Legacy He Left Me and has appeared on numerous radio and television shows including: CBS This Morning nationally and NBC’s This is New England locally. Print includes features on Huffington Post and Boston Voyager Magazine.The Boston Celtics named her one of their ‘Heroes Among Us’ and she was featured as part of Instagram for Business’–entrepreneur ‘togetHER’ mini-docuseries for Women’s History Month.

“The Legacy He Left Me”, by Lovern Gordon will be provided to all attendees of the Independence House Domestic Violence Awareness Month Virtual Community Breakfast.  Attendance to the virtual breakfast is required (registration does not constitute actual attendance).  This book will be mailed direct to attendees of the virtual breakfast from Paperclip Publishing following the community event (to the address provided in registration). 

The Legacy He Left Me

By Lovern Gordon

ACES: Adverse Childhood Experiences. This clinical term was brought to life for Lovern Gordon as she grew up on the island of Trinidad in the 1980’s. Her mother, affectionately dubbed Mummy, suffered mental and physical abuse at the hands of her emotionally detached father, Lloydie.  Lovern, her younger siblings, and Mummy were able to migrate to the United States in the late 1990’s. Even though she had vowed she would never become a victim, based on what she had witnessed as child, a sinister romantic partner would repeat the trauma of Lovern’s past in her own adult relationship.

Rising from the ashes of these two severe domestic violence situations, Lovern established her own awareness foundation in 2011. Through her advocacy work at Love Life Now, she educates the masses around the issue of abuse, as well as how to become part of the solution and provides resources to victims and survivors. The organization helps victims thrive after leaving toxic situations, just like Lovern now thrives everyday thanks to her strength, positivity, and perseverance, despite the legacy of abuse left by her father.

Virtual Community Breakfast Agenda 

Welcome: Lysetta Hurge-Putnam, MSW, LICSW, Executive Director, Independence House, Inc. 
8:15am Keynote: Lovern Govern
Survivor Speaker
8:50am Candlelight Ceremony remembering domestic violence homicide victims in Massachusetts this past year
9:00am Closing 
9:15am For those who are registered to attend the Independence House Prevention Conference:
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You are invited to join the Movement Room (optional) to start your attendance in the conference that begins at 9:30am.  Guided instruction presenting simple stretches and breathing exercises will create a sense of balance, reduce stress and bring calm to feel uplifted and energized for your start to the conference.


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