Independence House provides short-term crisis counseling, safety planning, resource assistance and specialized groups for victims/survivors of domestic violence. Appointments are not necessary and there is no waiting list.

Groups are specialized and available for all Independence House clients. Group topics vary periodically and may include content suitable for victims of intimate partner violence, incest and rape. Individuals are encouraged to participate in groups to end isolation and regain strength during transitional times. These groups are a way to learn from others and rebuild self-esteem to achieve long-term goals.

If mental health or substance abuse issues are impacting an individual’s ability to be safe, referrals will be made to supplement services. In any referral, the individual’s decisions are respected.

For more information regarding counseling in a specific program please visit the following links:

Domestic Violence
Individual counseling, advocacy and groups for survivors of domestic violence, specifically intimate partner violence. Services are available for adults, teens and children of survivors.

Rape Crisis (Sexual Violence)
Individual counseling, advocacy and groups for survivors of: rape, incest, stalking, sexual harassment, molestation, childhood sexual assault and intimate partner sexual abuse. Counseling is available for survivors of all ages and genders, as well as partners, families and friends.

Child Witness to Violence
Individual counseling, advocacy and groups for children affected by intimate partner violence.

Teen Program
Individual counseling, advocacy and groups for adolescents affected by intimate partner violence including sexual violence.

For questions about any of the above programs, please contact:

Promoting Safe and Healthy Relationships