Children Exposed to Domestic Violence

Children who have been exposed to domestic violence experience similar effects as children who are physically abused.

Domestic violence affects every member of the family.

Being exposed to domestic violence can mean seeing incidents of physical abuse or the aftermath, hearing threats or fighting from another room or being aware of tension or fear in the household.

Children who have been exposed to domestic violence may exhibit separation anxiety, low self-esteem, bed-wetting,  sleep disturbances, increased aggression, phobias, loss in ability to concentrate, delayed development, depression and/or withdrawal.

Children can also be victimized emotionally, physically or sexually, by people they trust at school, home or other safe places. These people can be adults or other children.

Independence House offers counseling, advocacy and groups for children affected by their parents or caregivers intimate partner violence. Providing children with a safe place to express their emotions and process trauma is vital to the healing process.

Parents of children are encouraged to receive services through our adult or teen programs.

“One study found that 87% of mothers reported their children ‘knew about’ the abuse. Experts estimate that number to be even higher (

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