PLEASE PACK OUR PURSE! The Purple Purse Challege is Coming!


Through a competitive process, Independence House has been invited by the Allstate Foundation to participate in the 2015 Purple Purse Challenge. The challenge which runs from October 1-27, 2015 is an online-only campaign with numerous opportunities for donors to increase their donations with challenges and contests and an overall chance of Independence House winning up to $100,000 by the end of the 27-day challenge.

purplepursecharmOur goal in participating in the Purple Purse Challenge is to raise funds for the Independence House Economic Empowerment Program. This program will help domestic violence survivors fight poverty and take control of their financial lives through individualized financial plans, education and support.
89273ecf-b0a8-47eb-a1f5-fe7fb6ff6cf6.HRYou can help us!
We need you. 
  • Join our event page on Facebook for day-to-day details as the challenge takes place, how and when donations ranging from $10 to $10,000 will make a difference with the Allstate Foundation’s matching funds and contests.
  • Attend our Domestic Violence Awareness Month Community Breakfast on October 8 where you can make an online donation at the event
  • Attend our 5K WALK in Hyannis on October 10 where you can make an online donation at the event
  • Let us feature you on our facebook event page with a photo holding our purple purse showing your support in helping to PACK OUR PURSE!
  • Spread the word to all of your family and friends to help make this a successful challenge.