Homicide Survivor Program and Services to Help Community

Independence House is proud to have a reputation that is unsurpassed in the work we do for survivors of domestic and sexual violence, and in recent months our services have expanded to include survivors of homicide.

The Homicide Survivor Program is designed to assist individuals and families with counseling and support to help them heal from the loss of a loved one due to a homicide. Survivors of homicide include individuals who have had special ties or kinship with the individual whose life was taken suddenly and tragically. These relationships can include not only family members and close friends but also neighbors, schoolmates and members of the community at large. Services are not restricted to survivors of domestic and sexual violence but include vehicular homicide, gang related deaths and other such crimes.

Everyone grieves differently and their experiences are unique. We, at Independence House, understand that grief compounded with an act of violence or neglect can leave a person struggling with intense emotions and many questions. Our counselors are available to assist individuals find a path to coping with their pain and eventually rebuild and find a ‘new normal.’  We offer both individual and group counseling as well as additional services to assist with the legal system and media.

Services are free and confidential and funded by the Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance through a 1984 Victim of Crime Act (VOCA) grant.

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If you are interested in speaking to a Homicide Survivor Counselor, please contact our office at 508-771-6507, ext. 232.