Bed Bath and Beyond Charitable Giving to Independence House

Bed bath and beyond thank you imageTake a look at your home. The home you spent years making ‘your home.’  Your home perhaps has a favorite blanket waiting for you on the couch every day next to a beautiful pillow where you relax in front of the TV.  Observe your curtains…the pair you picked out for the windows in your favorite room. Think about the soft towels that wrap your body after a hot bath… and the rugs you walk on barefoot through your home.

Now, imagine you need to leave this home – never to go back because it is not safe. Imagine having no choice but to leave all of these things behind.

Can you imagine sitting on the edge of your bed in fear contemplating not getting into it because those sheets and blankets remind you of a day that changed your life?  Instead you find a chair in a corner that you would rather spend the night sleeping on.

This is real!  This happens to people who are victims of sexual and domestic violence.

Independence House has been serving individuals and families impacted by domestic and sexual violence across Cape Cod for 37 years.  The number of people whose lives we touch exceeds 9,000 annually. Can you imagine how many people had to take that step and walk away, leaving everything behind?

Bed Bath and Beyond has partnered with Independence House as their choice charity on Cape Cod through their Hyannis retail store in 2016.   With thousands of dollars in goods donated to Independence House on almost a monthly basis, survivors of domestic violence have been able to repair this aspect of their being by returning simple items to their lives like curtains, towels, bedding and home goods.

“The impact has been tremendous,” said Donna Giberti, Director of Development and Marketing for Independence House.  “The emotions are overwhelming.  I have seen so many women trying to remain calm but overcome with joy when they receive a brand new set of towels and sheets, or a comforter, or a set of curtains.  These items are taken for granted but they are essential everyday needs that many survivors do not have because they are starting their lives over.  Things as simple as shower curtains with bathroom accessories like toothbrush holders and soap dispensers have made a difference.  Our Independence House counselors who distribute the items to survivors they work directly with have indicated it makes a difference for survivors as they wake up with a smile on their face because of this.”

Independence House extends our gratitude to Bed Bath and Beyond for partnering with us in this important life-changing mission.  Your charitable contributions have helped change the lives of so many in the few months of our partnership and we look forward to continuing to help survivors through your commitment and generosity.